Intrigue and excitement, steroid testing and cutthroat competition... No, it isn't the Kentucky Derby -- it's pigeon racing! The sport rages on deep in the heart of Brooklyn. "Coney Island's for the Birds" follows Anthony and Larry Martire, a father and son pigeon racing team, through the ups and downs of the racing season. They take us on a journey through the pre-race selection and training of pigeons, to the drive and release (up to 500 hundred miles away) of the birds, and finally, to the tense wait for their return to see who will take home the big prize. Throughout all of the excitement, we get a glimpse into their special father/son relationship, bonded by years of a shared pastime and love for their amazing rooftop creatures. "Coney Island's for the Birds" has screened in numerous film festivals worldwide and is currently broadcast in the United States on the Documentary Channel and abroad with Shorts International.

A short film by Alexis Neophytides.

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