The 108 Lives Project was brought to life by Hector Marcel, an international change management consultant & Tibetan Buddhist teacher based in New York City. In 2012, a team of young social entrepreneur leaders came together and travelled to Nepal to offer paid education, housing, food, shelter and medical help for the 108 people Hector encountered living on the streets there.

Footage filmed in 2012 by Alexis Neophytides for a larger documentary about the organization.

A Super 8 Meditation On Death

Ever since I can remember I have been both fascinated and terrified by death. This obsession manifested itself in my childhood fantasies -- I would stay up for hours at night concocting various scenarios of how the actual event would happen. As an only child my parents were always included in these imaginings. One of my old standbys had us dying in a fiery plane crash on our way to an exotic location, a quick but dramatic exit.


When I turned 30 my parents went shopping for their cemetery plots. (They bought one for me too.) I wanted to hear none of it, but came to the realization that we may not actually die together, and someone needed to know the details of where to put them. So, I packed up my super 8 camera and followed them out to Queens to see the place they chose for our small family to rest our bones.